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Working clothes don’t have to be boring. The new business casual allows you to buy work appropriate dresses that still have that “Wow!” factor. Deep, rich colors, sophisticated styles, and outstanding quality meet any company’s dress code. 

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Closet London understands the needs of the busy working woman. We provide an extensive range of work dresses, an accurate sizing chart, convenient home or work delivery, and a 28-day returns policy. 

Browse our catalog at your convenience and then confirm that your choices will fit by consulting our sizing chart. Finally, place the order – that’s it! In the time it might take you to drive to a mall, you’ll have the task completed at home. 

You get to spend your free time more productively and still look great. 

Why Choose Closet London?

We have been delighting our clients since 1996. Our designers source high-quality fabrics and pair them with fine finishing details. In addition, we construct our garments carefully to ensure that they are beautiful and durable.

Our selection of work attire is elegant, with an interesting blend of color and creative use of patterns. Our dresses will make lovely additions to your work wardrobe. You can mix and match your shoes, jackets, and other clothing to create several new looks.   

Show them you mean business in the boardroom by accessorizing with a beautiful silk scarf. Then slip into those sexy stilettos, add some bling, and you’re ready for a night on the town. 

How to Choose Dresses for Your Capsule Wardrobe

When buying core pieces, they must match several items in your wardrobe. When you buy work appropriate dresses, it’s best to start with plain colors and simple designs. The simpler the dress is, the easier it is to change up the look. 

Find Clothing that Makes You Feel Great

Be sure to choose styles that compliment your body shape and colors that flatter your complexion. Contrasting panels may, for example, appear to make you look taller. By selecting the clothes that you feel great in, you’ll always have an effortless outfit in reach. 

Work out a few different looks with the dress. That way, if you’re running late in the morning, you don’t have to worry about what to wear. 

Use Color Theory to Your Advantage

It may also prove helpful to research a little color theory to learn about the impact of colors on others. Wearing blue may make you appear more trustworthy, for example. Red tends to project high energy, while green is calming. 

Accentuate the Positives to Make Yourself Feel More Confident

Many women feel insecure about some part of their bodies. Learning how to flatter your figure may help you overcome these insecurities and instill a new sense of confidence. 

Are You Ready to Find Your New Look? 

Check out our selection of office attire, and you’re sure to find the perfect match. The Closet London team is standing by to help you buy work appropriate dresses. For any further queries, contact us through our website.  


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