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Why buy pencil dresses? 

It’s hard to beat a pencil dress as a classic wardrobe staple. This timeless piece flatters almost all body shapes and is easy to dress up or down. Initially known as the hobble skirt, this fashion hero has a fascinating origin story. 

The History of the Pencil Dress

It all started with the Wright Brothers in the early 1900’s when they transported their first female passenger. Unfortunately, the woman’s skirt flapped horribly in the breeze, and the brothers realized that this was a flight risk.  

They solved this issue by tying the skirt at the ankles, and pictures of this sparked a trend in Parisian fashion. The craze, however, passed relatively quickly as the original design made it difficult for women to walk. 


During the Second World War, fashions swung back toward pencil dresses. Then, as women entered the workforce and fabric became more scarce, designers created a practical version of the hobble skirt. 

Since then, the dress has evolved. It’s now available in styles ranging from conservative working girl to ultra-sexy vamp. 

Buy Pencil Dresses Online for Maximum Convenience

Closet London’s exclusive range of pencil dresses includes options for every occasion. Our team of designers blends functionality and style seamlessly to provide you with a dress that works as hard as you. 

Pop on a blazer for a professional look, and then switch over to smart-casual easily by changing out your jacket, shoes, and accessories. 

Closet London’s classic design style and high-quality items make it easy to create the look you want. We’ve also made it as simple as possible to buy pencil dresses online. 

Simply choose the dresses you like and consult our sizing guide to get the best fit. Then, place your order, and we’ll deliver your hot new items to your door. 

Why Choose Closet London? 

Our innovative design team looks beyond the latest clothing fads with an eye on timeless design. Instead, our looks are contemporary and beautiful with just a touch of sass. So, whether you’re going for a boss girl vibe or relaxing with friends and family, we have something for you. 

We love fashion and create nine new collections a year. With each, we limit the number of garments we make to focus on creating a quality product. 


Check our website today and see if anything catches your eye, but don’t leave it in your cart for too long. These snappy styles sell out quite quickly, so grab them while you can. 

When you require a stylish solution, Closet London provides gorgeous, unique pieces. Whether it’s a simple twist detail in the front or a change in the neckline, you’ll find the perfect ensemble to upgrade your wardrobe.

Forget those nasty changing room mirrors and pushy sales consultants and order your items online. See what they look like in the comfort of your home, and, if you’re not happy, send them back within 28 days. 

Take a look at our catalog and spoil yourself – you deserve it! If you need some assistance when you buy pencil dresses, please contact us and experience our excellent service yourself. 


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