• Influencer Spotlight: Lauris Lopez

    14th Oct 2020

    For this month's influencer spotlight, we would like to introduce Lauris Lopez (@laurisloves). Read on to know more about how she achieves the perfect balance between artsy gal and boho chic!

    Describe your style

    My style is mostly casual/ elegant with some touches of boho and artsy to add some spice!

    What does a typical day in your life look like?

    The first thing I do when I wake up says Thanks, is an old habit and particularly now it means so much to me to start my day with gratitude. I try to go about my day reading different little positive messages, a positive mindset can do so much for us. I plan my days ahead in my planner, making time to do the work-related task ( I'm self-employed), take 1 hour or at least 20 minutes to do a bit of exercise daily, and make time to create and plan my content. I must admit that working on my content is my favorite part of the day. I often divide my week into 2 days for taking photos and/ or recording videos, and then 3 days to edit, write captions, and organize in my calendar.

    How did you develop an interest in fashion? 

    As a little girl, I used to watch my mother dress up in her beautiful silk shirts with gorgeous prints, her slacks or pencil skirt, and pointy-toe black shoes. Seeing how not only her appearance but her whole mood changed when she dressed up, made me understand that fashion has this amazing power to make everyone feel like their best version.

    Who influences you? 

    I come from a family of very strong and determine women, they are my biggest role model of perseverance and honesty. Also, this journey has blessed me with a small circle of fantastic female entrepreneurs that have become my teachers, friends, and daily source of motivation.

    Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you 

    I was not confident of my figure for most of my life. I have always loved fashion, however, I never dared to try certain styles, I was afraid to not look as great as those beautiful models. Moving to NYC at 19 years old really made me realize that there is so much beauty in diversity and that when we learn to love every part of ourselves others do as well.

    What or who is your current obsession right now? 

    I'm currently obsessed with geometric prints and earthy tones, I feel I don't own enough of them and they are such a big hit this season.

    An Instagram tip you would like to share with your followers

    Be very genuine, there is a rise of the younger generation taking more time online than us (Millennials) and I can tell you that one thing I admire about Gen Z is that they appeal to more authenticity, less perfection ( the high demand for video content is proof of that). Have good aesthetics, but show yourself as you are, be real, people want to connect with real people.

    What's your favorite outfit/s from Closet London?

    It's so hard to decide, I feel Closet London has such beautiful and versatile pieces. The Gold Rose Polka Dot dress is one of my favorites, is so delicate, fun, and comfortable, plus everyone stops me to ask where did I get that dress, because it is just gorgeous, and it's modest enough for me to wear it to so many occasions.

    What do you love most about Closet London products?

    Where to start? The quality is great, the presentation is elegant, and every design feels to be made thinking of the modern women that want to look sophisticated and feminine, without compromising her comfort. These are pieces made to last, and I really love that, I believe we all should invest in some good timeless pieces, likes the ones commonly found in Closet London. 


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