• Influencer Spotlight: Dima Kontar

    6th Apr 2021

    For this month's influencer spotlight, we would like to introduce Dima Kontar (@dimakontar). With her ability to achieve the perfect balance between chic and sophistication, we just couldn't get enough of her sense of style and passion, be it beauty, skincare, or makeup!

    Describe your style.

    I am more of a casual elegant person and this fits my daily life. Personally, I prefer to dress up to the occasion. My signature in all my looks is chic and elegance whether it is an everyday look or an occasion look.

    What does a typical day in your life look like?

    I am a working mom and perhaps this explains it all. My days are always so busy and full of work, duties, and errands.

    How did you develop an interest in fashion?

    I am a former model and my journey in modeling started at the age of 14. So throughout this journey, I learned a lot about fashion and beauty. My modeling career helped me learn a lot about fashion and styling which I developed throughout the years.

    Who influences you?

    No one in particular, but everyone who has a unique fashion style and taste and can inspire others positively.

    Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you

    Being a fashion influencer doesn’t mean to wear branded clothes all the time. You will be surprised that many of extremely loved fashion looks are styled with NO branded clothing items.

    What or who is your current obsession right now?

    My current obsession at the moment is to style a clothing item in different ways making it look like a new piece every time.

    An Instagram tip you would like to share with your followers

    Good Instagram tips are focused on success. All the people want to grow and succeed on Instagram; and to make this happen, create valuable and shareable content. Always show love to receive love.

    What do you love most about Closet London products?

    I love most the high quality of fabric and the designs. This makes all of Closet London pieces highly remarkable.

    What's your favorite outfit/s from Closet London?

    My favorite outfit from Closet London is the one you see displayed in this photo. For me, this dress marks elegance and freshness.

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