• Influencer Spotlight: April Wonderland

    14th Apr 2021

    For this month's influencer spotlight, we got a chance to have a little chat with April Wonderland (@aprilwonderland). Her modeling career, which began in college, was very inspirational. From her signature high-waisted jeans to her passion for providing her followers the right fashion and beauty advice never fails to inspire us. Get to know the woman behind all of this!

    Describe your style:

    April’s go to style is affordable everyday wear. She loves neutrals & light colors that can be easily paired with any piece in her closet. She believes in finding quality pieces while still shopping within a budget.

    What does a typical day in your life look like:

    April’s typical day starts very early in the morning around 5am. After working a full day from 8am-5pm, she moves on to her passion project-photography! On the weekends, she spends more time on blogging.

    How did you develop an interest in fashion:

    Her interest in fashion began while modeling in college. April got into modeling through a friend who connected her with people and she was opened up to a whole new network.

    Who influences you:

    “My inspiration for style and blogging came from a local blogger named Nicole Carlson @nicolecarlsonxo.” She loves her style, neutral color scheme which inspired her own & effortless look.

    Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you:

    Ready for it...dirt biking! She told us she got into dirt biking 8 years ago from her ex-boyfriend & still continues to ride.

    What or who is your current obsession:

    Plants!! Her obsession started around quarantine and she quickly grew to being a 20+ plants mom.

    An Instagram tip you would like to share with your followers:

    April’s go to tip for her followers is to stop looking at the numbers. Numbers or likes, comments, followers, etc. She states, “engagement can easily become blurred with the word obsessed. Instagram is supposed to be a resource and post what you want to post.”

    What do you love most about Closet London products:

    ‘I love the quality!” It’s difficult to know what a product will look/feel like in person while shopping online, but she was pleasantly surprised with her gifted outfit from Closet London. While browsing the site, she also appreciates the versatility of our clothes. Any item can easily be changed from a day to night look by simply swapping a few accessories.

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