• Are Skater Dresses Flattering? How to Wear it the Right Way

    18th Feb 2021

    Invest in a quality Closet London skater dress and you’ll be able to take your wardrobe to an entirely new level. From a floral belted skater dress to a royal blue skater dress or even a red skater dress, there are so many options to choose from.

    The thing with skater dresses is that they can help accentuate your legs whether you’re tall or short. Note that they also come in different lengths and styles, such as micro, knife, box pleats. So if you’re wondering if skater dresses are only tailored to a particular body type, think again. Skater dresses can accommodate all body types, you just need to find the right one for you.

    Here are the top things to consider when you’re planning to wear a Closet London skater dress:

    • If you’re wearing a skater dress in the winter, consider pairing it with knee-high socks or long boots.
    • When choosing colors, consider contrasting but complementing colors. If you’re wearing a white skater dress, consider black shoes.
    • Match your accessories. If you’re wearing silver hoops, opt for shiny heels. Again, don’t forget to consider contrasting but complementing colors.
    • Depending on your style preference, some of the best shoes to pair with a skater dress includes ballerina flats or gladiator heels.
    • Note that closed-toe shoes are often best paired with skater dresses.
    • Avoid wearing off-the-shoulder tops.
    • You can tuck or untuck your top when wearing a skater skirt.

    Closet floral skater dress

    Closet belted skater dress

    floral belted skater dress

    Closet mint short skater dress with belt

    royal blue skater dress with a black sequin hem

    bottle green belter skater dress

    navy sleeveless tie back skater dress

    blue floral sleeveless skater dress

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